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New Zealand's recognised leading not-for-profit organisation promoting and advocating safe* and enjoyable underwater activities in a protected marine environment.


1. "Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost" — clean oceans
2. "Not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury; not involving danger or risk" — best practice
3. "Uninjured; with no harm done" — home safe

Key Missions.

  • Drivers of marine safety messaging specifically where it relates to underwater sports and activities
  • Advocating and supporting marine environmental campaigns.
  • Supporting NZ underwater clubs, specifically those involved in scuba diving and snorkeling, spearfishing and underwater hockey
  • Promoting participation in underwater sports and recreational activities throughout New Zealand.
  • Lobbying government organisations on behalf of all New Zealanders protecting and advocating for their interests in matters of safety and the protection of the marine environment.




The NZU is an advocate for clean sea programs, supporting environmental campaigns with volunteers and expertise.

NZU flies the flag for diver safety in New Zealand, managing essential services like the Dive Emergency number (DES).

Many of our members a keen sports people engaged in scuba, spearfishing underwater hockey or snorkeling.

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NZ Underwater People

The NZUA's board is elected annually at an AGM, and generally reflects key-stakeholder groups of diving, water-sports and safety.

Tristan Reynard - President

Tristan brings significant volunteer and sports management experience to NZU Board. He is a past president of Underwater Hockey New Zealand (UWHNZ) as well as being UWHNZ’s schools development officer.Tristan’s day-to-day employment is as the Project Director at TKR Consultants Ltd. Tristan is a graduate of University of Canterbury and a Chartered Professional.

Mike Torr - Board Member

Mike began diving in New Zealand in the early 1980’s at age 19.  He became a PADI Divemaster, then an instructor in 1998, before opening a dive centre in 1999.  Mike lives in Papamoa, where he works as an independent project manager and consultant to the Energy Utility Industry, a Health & Safety consultant and an auditor to the adventure tourism and dive industry.  Mike has electrical trade and technical qualifications, PADI Staff Instructor qualification and an MBA from Waikato University. E-mail:

Andy Stewart- Board Member

Andy’s diving experiences initially began snorkeling as a 7 year old hanging on to his father’s spearfishing float line while towed around places like Cape Brett in the Bay of Islands.  With a passion for introducing people to the underworld he eventually became a PADI dive instructor and in 2014 a PADI Course Director, PADI’s highest recreational instructor rating.  When not blowing bubbles Andy works as the GM Information & Technology for the Selwyn Foundation who are a non for profit Aged Care organization.Email: